Does it cost more to print more colors?

Not at all, we can print a virtually unlimited amount of range and colors for the same price as a single color DTG print.

Is there a more affordable bulk option?

Unfortunately bulk orders don’t decrease the price per piece of DTG printing much, however, we also offer one-color screenprint transfers for simple designs which can dramatically reduce cost per piece.

What are the best file types and sizes to send?

PDF’s saved at 300 DPI or PSD files work best for us. Not sure what that means? We can help you with that as well!

What are the advantages of Direct-to-Garment Printing?

DTG allows us to offer unlimited colors at a flat cost and higher quality image reproduction than traditional screenprinting.

Is there a minimum number required to order?

Not at all, we can make you as few as 1 Direct-to-Garment shirt.

What if I’m not artistic?

That’s not a concern at all, we have seven extremely talented artists we source artwork from as well as an amazing graphic designer.

What kind of cost/pricing am I looking at?

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